Good news we are up and running again on



July 27, 2006 a black day for freedom.

You may have been aware that The institute was hosted on an American server.

We do not have any illegal content but because of actions by the US government we decided to stop hosting the site in The Land off the Free (Mmmmm????) in July to protect our long standing and good friend of the community, Yossie. Yossie had and would have been happy to continue his support by providing free access to his servers had it not been for the current situation over there.

I am sure you will, as we do give him a big thank you for all the support he has given the site over the past few years.

Thanks Yossie

Have a look at his world leading academic restraint site and enjoy

As you can see from the above announcement we are now up and running again and for which you and we can thank cbshackle. CB is helping us (and a few other friends) with free space to aid the community so we all owe him a big, big thank you.


If you are interested in reading more about the recent US 2257 laws and the current situation, please follow the following links:

AVN Article, July 25, 2006: FBI Visits Diabolic to Check 2257 Records

Free Speech Coalition news, July 25, 2006: 2257 Inspections Have Begun!

Free Speech Coalition news, July 25, 2006: House Passes H.R. 4472



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